About Us

Where Papa Grows

Papa’s Garden is dedicated to providing the freshest microgreens in Central and Southern Eastern Virginia. Our 7,500 square foot indoor growing facility is located in Smithfield, Virginia and produces microgreens without the use of harmful chemicals to assure the cleanest, healthiest, and tastiest products for our customers.


Our Microgreens

We use only non-GMO seeds to help produce the best microgreens. Our automated irrigation system is filtered and aerated, as well as our automatic lighting system allows for consistent growing and harvesting. Our microgreens are also grown soilless when possible to help with cleanliness.


No Pesticides or Harmful Chemicals

Being an indoor facility allows us to avoid use of harmful pesticides and chemicals. Papa’s Garden uses only organic additives and food grade chemicals during the growing process. Otherwise, strictly water, light, and love help our plants grow.


Who Can Buy Our Microgreens?

ANYONE! Restaurant and home chefs alike. Microgreens are not something that can only be added to your “fancier” foods or just as a garnish. Microgreens are great for everyone. Higher in nutritional content and flavor than almost all full-grown vegetables, they make a great addition to salads, sandwiches, seafood dishes, stir fry, hot dishes, and more.


Do You Deliver?

Yes. We currently deliver in the state of Virginia from Richmond to Chesapeake and everywhere in between for restaurants. Scheduled delivery dates dependent on location. Delivery meet-up for small orders and pick up available at the farm.